Advice that anticipates your needs along the pregnancy journey, like nutrition, fitness and symptom management


Connected with your healthcare provider for timely, trusted advice


Personalized insights and answers to your pregnancy-related questions


An intelligent system that gets to know you, informed by real-world evidence from many previous pregnancies

Medically Vetted

Curated insights and advice provided by top healthcare professionals


A connected community of women like you. Jubel makes it easy for you to benefit from their experiences


Available 24/7
Get advice when you want it – no appointments, no waiting rooms.
Advice customized for the two people that matter – your baby and you
Jubel has data from your own body. Jubel knows you and can provide you with relevant, personalized advice.
It’s like texting your doctor
Jubel is smart. Ask Jubel a question and you’ll get an immediate response.
You aren’t alone
Jubel is your partner on your journey. Rest assured that Jubel’s advice is supported by the experiences of women like you.
Increased engagement with your patients.
Empowered patients informed by personalized information.
Fewer routine patient questions because the app handles them.
Expanded access to pregnant women across the country through our in-app recommendations.
Lower healthcare costs and more efficient use of health system capacity. 
Fewer non-essential doctor visits and optimized patient communication channels.
Automation of routine tasks like email reminders to patients and appointment scheduling.
Timely patient data for monitoring health and wellness remotely.
Enhance your screening and monitoring capabilities.
Determine your patient’s personalized recipe for health.
Enhance brand recognition for your practice. 
Be recognized for innovation.